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Vernon Cumberbatch lives in the suburbs with his wife and teenage son while working for a small insurance company about to be bought out by a rival firm. In the furore of the takeover, one of Vernon's trusted colleagues is made redundant and Vernon offered his job. Out of the blue Vernon’s colleague commits suicide and the guilt surrounding his friend's death spills over into his own family life when he begins to suspect that his own son, an avid social network computer user may also harbour suicidal tendencies.

As events unfold Vernon is forced to create a virtual identity in order to save his son. Person Unknown is an exploration of the contemporary suburban family attempting to survive in a post-modern, technological age.


Mark Norfolk is an award winning playwright and filmmaker. His other plays for the stage include Knock Down Ginger (Warehouse Theatre), Wrong Place (Soho Theatre) and Naked Soldiers (Warehouse Theatre) all published by Oberon Books.

pics by Kim Taylor

Where the Flowers Grow

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