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tony Ashhley Gerlach

vernon Roderick Burrows

victoria Jodyanne Richardson

production team

director Jeffery Kissoon

writer Mark Norfolk

designer Heike Scharrer

lighting designer Sherry Coenen

music composition Adam Brown

production manager Graham Constable

stage manager Denzel Williamson

asst. Stage Manager Nicola Smith

producer warehouse theatre Ted Craig

education/admin officer Rosemarie Vernon

Where the Flowers Grow opens at the Warehouse Theatre on 3 June 2011 re-uniting director Jeffery Kissoon with writer Mark Norfolk after their successful collaborations on Naked Soldiers (2010) and Knock Down Ginger (2003).

Heike Scharrer's imaginative set along with Sherry Coenen's lighting is backed up by a cast featuring Roderick Burrows, Ashley Gerlach and Jodyanne Richardson in a play that is a tough and uncompromising look at the impact of the internet on our everyday lives.

pics by Kim Taylor

Where the Flowers Grow


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